Polished Plastering / Italian plastering

Lancaster Improvements offer a Polished Plastering service. Often described as Venetian Plaster, Marble Plaster or Italian Plaster. It has been used in Italy for hundreds of  years.

This is mainly a lime and marble based plaster. It is made up with up in a number of layers to achieve a fantastic unique finish. We can offer a wide range of colours in a number of textures to suit any room. Can also be used for exterior walls.

Polished Plastering is starting to become more popular and I am sure once more people see what finishes can be achieved it will be seen much more. Grand Designs on the TV has shown it being used on the program.

I have a number of samples to show when giving a quote. Including a full range of colours.

Lucidato                -   A highly polished plaster with a marble look

Mamorino             -   A shaded shiny/smooth finish with depth

Intonachino           -   Pitted look which can be applied different ways to good effect

Dilavato                -   Classic antique look with grains of marble of various colours.

All the plasters used are hard wearing and waterproof. It is ok for all areas including kitchen and bathrooms but is not advisable in shower areas due to the different products that are used when showering that could damage or stain.  Once finished the plaster is then sealed with wax for protection.

Check out the pictures in our Gallery.